• Lactic acid based for natural but powerful anti-bacterial action.
  • Excellent disinfection on mastitis causing bacteria.
  • Forms a barrier on skin for longer protection.
  • Foaming solution for easier use and less waste.
  • Emollients and humectants for superior teat conditioning.

Recommended use:

  • Approved for pre and post milking.
  • Pre-milking: spray teats with Lacto-Mil and dry thoroughly with clean, absorbable paper towels.
  • Post-milking: to ensure effective coverage of teats spray at least 15ml of Lacto-Mil per cow or if dripping, ensure at least 10ml of Lacto-Mil per cow. Do not wipe off, allow to air dry.

Did you know:

  • Extremely fast, broad spectrum germicide as it acts quickly to kill the bacteria that might infect the teats.
  • Highly effective on viruses.
  • Despite being an acid, in the correct formulation like that of Lacto-Mil, it is not aggressive to teats