• Unique sterilisation based on Peroxyacetic acids
  • Rapid action – disinfection in 30 seconds
  • Broad spectrum of action – effective even at low temperatures
  • Reduces contamination from environmental bacteria including spore, Enterocci and Coliforms
  • Non foaming and non tainting
  • Easily degrades to harmless by-products
  • Excellent ecological profile

Recommended use:

  • Use after cleaning with active-foam. Spray on with spray equipment, no need to rinse.

Dilution rate:

  • 100mls in 10L of water.

Did you know:

  • When peracetic acid dissolves in water, it disintegrates to hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, which will fall apart to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    Peracetic acid is non-toxic and can easily dissolve in water. Peracetic acid is a very powerful oxidant; the oxidation potential outranges that of Chlorine.