• Kills bacteria on hoof for faster healing time
  • High performance due to three anti-bacterial agents
  • Can be used in foot bath or with local spray application
  • Water based
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination

Recommended use:

  • For heavily affected animals use for five consecutive days, twice a day at a concentration rate of 5%.
  • As a routine use once a day, two days a week at a concentration rate of 3%.
  • Solution should be used for no more than 100 cows and renewed before next rotation.

Local spray

  • Clean hooves with water.
  • Apply Hoof-Mil at a concentration rate of 5% at the back and front of hooves.
  • Continue application until clear improvement in hooves is detected.

Dilution rate:

  • 3% rate – 30mls of Hoof-Mil in 1L of water.
  • 5% rate – 50mls of Hoof-Mil in 1L of water.

Did you know:

  • Lameness is caused by different anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and can be effectively treated with antibiotics. It is better to prevent a highly contagious disease, rather than treat the whole herd with high cost antibiotics. One of the most common and effective methods of prevention is a hoof bath.
  • As the organic load (mixture of manure, urine and dirt) in the hoof bath increases, its effectiveness of the bath decreases. Such improper supervision of the bath could result in more damage than good.