• Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide liquid based detergent for effective reduction in Total Bacterial Count (TBC)
  • Chemical formulation designed specifically for effective cleaning and sanitising of all internal surfaces of the milking system and bulk tank
  • Suitable for use as a cold or hot wash
  • Automated (CIP) and manual friendly
  • Designed to be adaptable for use in hard and soft water

Recommended use:

  • Use as part of a hot or cold wash after every milking.
  • A wash solution may be used for up to two washings before discarding.

Dilution rate:

  • Add 350mls of product to 50L of hot water.
  • Add 425ml of product to 50L of cold water.

Did you know:

  • Chlorine breaks down proteins into peptides that are more easily removed in the cleaning process. It also destroys bacteria so is an effective sanitiser.
  • Chemical residues are more likely to occur if high working solution strengths of chlorine are used, in particular where inadequate rinsing is carried out (a minimum of 14 litres/unit rinse water is required).