• Effectively dissolves proteins and fats for superb cleaning
  • Suitable for use in both hard and soft water areas
  • Will not damage rubber ware within the pipeline
  • Non chlorinated
  • Can be used in conjunction with Lir Hypochlorite

Recommended use:

  • Use Hydra-Mil 2G in a hot wash ideally once a day.
  • Allow each washing run to waste and make fresh for each milking.
  • Rinse plant, don’t leave lie in the machine.

Dilution Rate:

  • Add 500mls of product to 50L of hot/cold water.

Did you know:

  • When using non-chlorine liquid-based detergents, the use of regular hot washes is necessary and the recommend temperature for circulation is 75-80°C and not reducing to  <50°C on completion of the wash cycle. The inclusion of a warm water post milking rinse, as opposed to the normal cold rinse, has benefit in removing fat deposits from stainless steel surfaces, making detergent cleaning easier. This has particular importance during the latter half of lactation when fat levels in milk are higher.
  • Increased use of Descaler (NP90) is necessary.
  • No recycling of liquid products for a further wash occasion.