Chloro Tec

  • Actively lifts dirt, residues, and organic matter off surfaces.
  • Added sequestrants for removal of heavy soiling.
  • General all-purpose food processing plant detergent for buildings, sheds, walls and floors.
  • Holds the dirt in the foam and rinses away the water.
  • Washes easily to leave no harmful residues.
  • Wetting, adhering, and foaming properties increases penetration into hard to reach areas and cracks.
  • Breaks down fats and proteins in 20 minutes.

A liquid biofilm remover currently used in the food industry that breaks down biofilms at producer level inhibiting disease-causing bacteria growth by destroying
their ecosystem. Most disinfectants which in the marketplace are ineffective against biofilm build up.
Using Chloro Tec greatly reduces the amount of water needed to wash facility’s also by breaking down the biofilm it exposes the harmful bacteria that causes bacteria outbreaks to the disinfectants which in turn allows producers to make the industry a more sustainable food-chain.

Recommended use:

  • Apply with foam spray equipment to generate a clinging foam.
  • Leave for 15 minutes to rinse off.
  • For additional disinfection follow with OXY-B22.