Bactolac Teat spray 1000L IBC

  • Creates a protective seal on teats and prevents cracking.
  • Natural fly preventative.
  • Clinically tested and proven to kill 99.8% of bacteria.
  • Skin conditioning results in moisturised and healthier teats.
  • Eucalyptus and tea tree oils improve skin condition and aids healing.
  • Chlorhexidine Di-gluconate boosts the performance of Lactic Acid. 

Recommended Use

  • Approved for pre and post milking
  • Pre-Milking: spray teats with Bacto-Lac and dry thoroughly with clean absorbable paper towels.
  • Post-Milking : to ensure effective coverage of teats, spray at least 15ml of Bacto-Lac per cow, or if dipping, ensure at least 10ml of Bacto-Lac per cow.

Did you know ?

  • Pre-dipping or pre-spraying minimizes the number of bacteria before cluster application. Research data indicates that this practice is effective in reducing the spread of contagious bacteria such as E-Coli, strep uberis, and staph aureus. By pre-dipping or pre-spraying with Bacto-Lac it will help reduce Thermoduric Bacteria entering milk.
  • Post-milking teat disinfection should prevent Mastitis and enhance teat skin condition. In preventing Mastitis, the post-milking teat disinfection works by the removal of mastitis-causing bacteria from the teat skin and teat sores. Disinfectant should be applied as soon as the cluster is removed, while the teat canalis still open. This ensures that those bacteria which have just entered the canal will also be killed. As a result this technique is an extremely effective weapon against the spread of contagious Mastitis.

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