About Us

A vision of Sustainability in global food production through Bio-Security solutions - Making our world a safer place to live.

Our Mission is to increase bio-security awareness with primary producers and save over one Billion Litres of water by the end of 2020 in both the farming and food chain industry.

Working toward a sustainable food supply is crucial, but it wont be achieved without a shift in the way our food is produced. Systems of food production affect everything, from the nutrient value of crops and food products, to the health of livestock, the environment, water consumption and even the economy.  

Lir Analytical are award winning industry leaders in developing scientifically engineered chemical solution's for the beverage and food processing industries.

Our primary focus is to facilitate and enable technical contributions for the advancement and sustainability of global food production through bio-security solutions.

We specialize in research and development of chemically designed solutions that are of real interest to food producers and processors in helping eradicate harmful bacteria currently affecting food produce.

Our best practice processes and scientifically proven products help prevent the spread of bacteria and advance food bio-security measures in food chain production.


 Micheal Savage 

Founder and Analytical Chemist