Lir Analytical

Lir Analytical

What we do

A lively, bustling young company full of aspiring business people, Scientists, Analytical Chemists, toxicologists, market developers, entrepreneurs, economist’s, and most importantly, friends. We specialize in research and development of future bio-security – We manufacture designed bio-security solutions for food producers and food processors in helping eradicate harmful bacteria that currently affect global food produce.

company ethos

Everyone wants to change the world - but, to start changing the world is a big and daunting task – We have been there. Which is why at Lir Analytical people who are changing the world work and innovate together to be able to achieve bigger goals, as both individuals and as a company.

our passion

Our passion is betterment of this world. We are all striving in our work lives and our home lives to improve this world we share. Our Mission is to increase bio-security awareness with primary producers and save over one Billion Litres of water by the end of 2020 in both the farming and food chain industry. Working toward a sustainable food supply is crucial, but it won’t be achieved without a shift in the way our food is produced. Systems of food production affect everything, from the nutrient value of crops and food products, to the health of livestock, the environment, water consumption and even the economy.

we love what we do

We pride ourselves on the different kinds of people we have as employees and as clients. Our highly driven people allow us to facilitate and enable technical contributions for the advancement and sustainability of global food production through bio-security solutions.

Meet us in person

We base ourselves just right of center, in the heart of Ireland, in the busy town of Longford and anyone is welcome to stop by for a conversation.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on the different kinds of people we have as clients. With clients from seven different countries, we are coming together from far stretches of the world to form a business that engages with all aspects of bio-security.

“The Lab”

So, you’ve got this great idea for a product that’s going to change the world! But... that is only half the battle. You need to see if making it is possible. “The Lab” offers a lot of different tools to satisfy many varying industries. Our Science ranges from biology, chemistry and physics with lab equipment used onsite including Incubators, Microwave digester, Pilot plant equipment, Lab ware, raw materials, glass lined reactors and computers. Experimental product ranges from extreme concentrates, physical membranes, software and automated hardware development.


To satisfy our team’s curiosity and further development and to help us to understand the world better, we are in the habit of partaking at speaking at various events to present our passions and work to the community. Topics have ranged from future bio-security developments to women in business and from young entrepreneurs to balance of sport and work. These presentations are typically held in conjunction with Colleges, startup hubs, schools and universities thus these talks provide stimulating conversation and engaging and passionate presentations.

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